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Speak friend and enter

...But not quite yet!

This journal is 'Friend's Only'

If you want to pass through the Gate you may leave a note, but I don't promise anything... other than I'll check out your journal and think about it!

Not that there's anything of special note in here, but I don't want to be randomly open to interwebz trolls or flamed from afar ^_~

*snip snip*

I've done a wee bit of pruning on my flist and removed the names of a few who I haven't seen post at their journal, or comment on mine, for a year or more - if you're still reading and you want to be added back you can drop me note or comment here.

On the other hand... if you think there's someone on your flist who would find me interesting, and that I'd like to read what they have to say - you can let me know and I'll have a look.

tolkien_weekly - 'Snow' - challenge

Title: Snow on the Roof...
Author: Kortirion
Character: Boromir/Theodred
Rating: 13 – implied Slash
Source: AU
Disclaimer: Tolkien wouldn’t want this bit back.
Notes: For edoraslass, inspired by her ‘Five things that didn’t happen…’ and as an antidote to the angst I’ve been guilty of.

Snow on the Roof...Collapse )